A Brief History of Celestial Hemp!

A Brief History of Celestial Hemp!

Posted by Justin Roberts on Feb 15th 2014

While living out west and learning everything they could about cannabis, Justin Roberts and Kylor Rife witnessed first hand what the healing power of this amazing plant could really do. Being lifelong friends, they decided they wanted to bring this knowledge and power to the east coast so all of their friends and family could benefit from it as well. This was impossible, though, as the harmless "drug" was still illegal in their home state of North Carolina. After hearing about the passing of North Carolina's Hemp Pilot Program, they saw the opportunity they were looking for. They started growing as soon as they could. After conquering growing in NC's humid climate, they decided they wanted to take one step further in to the Hemp Industry. Celestial Hemp Company was born. 

Celestial Hemp is a grass-roots cannabis company that was established in 2018 by Justin Roberts and Kylor Rife. When the company began, they were working out of Justin's living room at his childhood home. Its only products were flower that Justin and Kylor had grown the previous summer. They hand-trimmed all of their best looking buds, and used the rest for pre-rolls that they would roll themselves. It was a very, very small operation, but they were working with what they had. Eventually, after successfully distributing their products to stores all around the Winston Salem area, they were able to move to an actual store-front location. Their dreams were finally coming to fruition. 

At this point, they knew they needed to start honing in on what the Celestial Hemp meant to them, and which direction they wanted to take it. They realized the crucial importance of cannabis in the current sociopolitical climate, and decided to shoot for the stars. And then, the slogan was born: Helping Cannabis Save The World. 

"Helping Cannabis Save The World" is not claiming that Celestial Hemp will save the world, but that Celestial Hemp will do anything it is capable of to help Cannabis save the world. There are hundreds of different ways that cannabis can help with the problems our world is currently facing (I will cover many of these problems in a blog in the near future). Celestial Hemp is not equipped for all of them, but what Celestial Hemp can do is this: 

1) Provide quality cannabis, in whatever form, to the people that need it. This includes sourcing quality raw materials, and producing a product that performs as it is intended. Celestial Hemp grows all of it's own flower, and works closely with ethically sound processors. They then produce a product that performs as it is intended. The goal at the end of the day is to deliver cannabinoids to the endo-cannabinoid system in a way that works best for the consumer to benefit from all of the medicinal qualities.


2) Do their part by helping the community. This includes hosting community events and attending events as often as possible. This will allow feedback from customers to be heard and acknowledged. This will also put Celestial in front of audiences so they can effectively do the last item on this list...


3) Educate. This may be the most important item, as the world has not been able to educate themselves on cannabis for generations. This is because cannabis has been illegal since 1937, and was even added to the Schedule 1 drug list in 1970. The "devil's lettuce," as it was once widely known, has made a grand recovery, but still has far to go before it's advocates will be satisfied, including Celestial Hemp. They intend to do all they can to educate the masses until the stigma cannabis carries has been eradicated.


In closing, I hope you all enjoyed the read! I would also like to thank everyone in our wonderful support system, and all of our customers thus far. We wouldn't be where we are today without you, and we hope you will continue pressing forward with us in our pursuit of Helping Cannabis Save The World! 

We will be posting more blogs in the future, and I would love to know what you all would like to learn more about!